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People & Community

Our people and the community are
the cornerstone of our business



  • We recognise that our primary asset is our team
    of excellent employees.
  • We therefore strive to identify, develop and reinforce
    each individual’s skills in order to align the Company’s strategic
    objectives with our employees’ ability and goals whilst also
    safeguarding their health and wellbeing.
  • To ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation, we seek
    to always identify the best talent and ensure that our team
    embody our values for a harmonious, productive, and innovative
    working culture and environment.



The community provides us with a social license to operate and we actively engage with the community in Bacadéhuachi.


  • The workforce will prioritise Sonora local residents.
  • We will support local communities by creating local jobs and support functions.
  • We have long established relationship with local communities.